Recorded Webinars

Date Event Learning Objectives Associated Documents
11/06/2018 Behavioral Management | Clarissa Ong
10/24/2018 Coping with grief and emotions related to the diagnosis of hearing loss | Lauren Smith
9/26/2018 How to introduce your child with hearing loss to school? | Ana Caballero
6/20/2018 Cultural Considerations Working with CLD Families | Renee Lucero
5/23/2018 Summer Fun Ideas for Building Listening and Spoken Language Skills | Whitney Wright, MS
  1. Understand the importance of maximizing listening opportunities during the summer.
  2. Discuss concerns regarding your child’s hearing technology during typical summer activities.
  3. Explore troubleshooting strategies for the technology that can occur during the summer and/or family vacations.
  4. Explore different LSL strategies that can be incorporated into summer activities.
4/25/2018 Understanding the IFSP and the IEP process | Renee Lucero
3/14/2018 Understanding your child's hearing loss and the importance of the Ling 6 sounds Test | Ana Caballero and Renee Lucero
  • Describe basic terminology related on interpreting the audiogram
  • Explain the importance of the Ling 6 Sound Test
  • Perform a listening check
  • Explore different troubleshooting strategies
  • Understand important speech acoustic information for each of the 6 phonemes
1/31/2018 FM Systems and Wireless Technologies | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
  • Learn what is and how an FM system works
  • Understand the importance of children using FM systems in different settings
  • Learn how wireless technology works
  • Discuss some of the most common wireless technology devices models to be used among children
12/13/2017 Hearing Loss: Types, causes and degrees [Video] | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
  • Understand the parts of the ear and how hearing normally works.
  • Learn the definition of hearing loss and list the more common causes associated to hearing impairment.
  • Discuss the different types of hearing loss.
  • Understand the degree of hearing loss and how to interpret the audiogram.
11/15/2017 Conditioned Play Audiometry [Video] | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
  • Understand the different types of hearing tests.
  • Recognize the importance of monitoring hearing.
  • Discuss what parents should expect from hearing assessment.
  • Understand the important role that parents play during hearing testing as test assistants.
  • Learn different activities that can help to get the child prepare for the hearing test.
10/25/2017 Visual Reinforcement Audiometry [Video] | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
09/27/2017 Bilingualism: Can my child with hearing loss learn two languages? [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd and Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
08/29/2017 Accommodations in the School [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
07/25/2017 Mainstreaming Success [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
06/27/17 The Importance of Early Intervention and the Family Role [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
05/24/17 Listen up for Literacy [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
04/26/17 Language Strategies to Use at Home [Video] | Mi'kel Price
03/22/17 Supporting Auditory and Language Development [Video] | Ana Caballero