Recorded Webinars

Date Event Learning Objectives Associated Documents/ Links
4/15/2022 Beyond "How are You?" Getting to the heart of the matter in sessions with families and students | Elizabeth Parker, MEd and Cass Fogelstrom, MEd, LSLS Cert. AVEd
3/25/2022 Promoting Parent Connections and Friendships | Teena Young, MEd and Nicole Jacobson, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
2/11/2022 Supporting Children in Extra-Curricular Activities | | Annie Huish, MEd
  • What does the environment look like (is it a dance studio? A soccer field?)
  • What are common vocabulary words used in the activity (e.g. soccer: kleets, soccer ball, net, goal, positions of team members) and how can I help preteach important words and terms to my child?
  • How can I support my child's coach/instructor as they work with my child?
1/14/2022 Building Play Skills After an Era of Social Distancing | Nicole Jacobson, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
12/3/2021 Hearing With Your Brain | Valeri LeBeau, MS, CCC, SLP
11/5/2021 Ten Teaching Times Without Toys | Jeanette Smoot, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd and Sharon Fairbourn, MA, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
  1. The critical importance of routine-based intervention
  2. Potentially hidden opportunities for language learning during a typical day or week
  3. Ways to increase or decrease complexity of language targets in similar settings and activities
  4. Create and maintain habits that foster a child’s language growth
10/1/2021 Promoting Language and Literacy Through Daily Routines and Activities | Lauri Nelson, Ph.D.
  1. Discuss strategies to help parents use rich and meaningful language activities within their daily routines.
  2. Identify and discuss parents’ impact on promoting their child’s curiosity and creative thinking through children’s literature.
  3. Discuss the use of experience books and story boards to promote literacy development.
5/21/2021 Building 3D Relationships in a 2D World | Cass Fogelstrom, M.Ed., LSLS Cert. AVEd and Elizabeth Parker, M.Ed.
4/30/2021 Understanding Hearing Loss and Audiogram Results | Kali Markle, AUD
3/26/2021 More than a Bedtime Story: Helping Parents Build their Child's Spoken Language through Literacy Development | Nicole Jacobson, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
2/26/2021 Building Your Child’s Vocabulary | Sharon Fairbourn, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
1/29/2021 Listening and Language Everywhere! | Jeanette Smoot, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
12/04/2020 Facilitating Effective Hearing Device Use | Claire Annis, M.Ed.
11/13/2020 Response to Toxic Stress: Supporting Resilience in Young Children and their Caregivers to Promote Long-term Health and Improved Learning Outcomes | Nicole Jacobson, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
9/25/2020 Transitioning for Emergency Tele-intervention to Ongoing Tele-intervention Sessions | Lauren Smith, MEd
4/24/2020 Focused Conversations | Sarah Law, M.Ed.
3/27/2020 Count Down to Mainstreaming: How to Prepare for the Next School Year | Kaytie Cook, M.Ed.
2/28/2020 Integrating Listening and Spoken Language Strategies for Daily Living | Claire Annis, M.Ed.
1/31/2020 What Does Listening Look Like? Stages of Auditory Development | Jeanette Smoot, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
  1. Discuss definitions of auditory detection, discrimination, identification and comprehension.
  2. View and analyze multiple video examples of each.
  3. Discuss how the use of hearing technology impacts a child's ability to move through this skill hierarchy.
  4. Brainstorm ways to provide opportunities for practice in daily routines.
11/22/2019 Self Care and Family Balance While Negotiating a Child’s Special Needs | Dakota Pond, MSW, CSW
  1. Recognize when stress is turning into caregiver burnout.
  2. Analyze what self-care looks like for them individually and set goals to implement a self-care routine.
  3. Identify barriers that stand in the way of caring for one’s self and how to overcome these barriers.
10/25/2019 Interpreting my child’s test results to friends, family, or professionals | Lauren Smith, M.Ed.
  1. Teach parents to explain commonly used terms in testing
  2. Empower parents to relay why the testing matters to family, friends and other professionals
09/27/2019 Parents' Role in the Interdisciplinary Team for Their Child's LSL Development | Nicole Jacobson, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
  1. Identify information for parents to understand regarding various professionals often found on a child’s LSL interdisciplinary team and the services they render.
  2. Connect parents with supportive advocacy resources.
  3. Analyze important communications that parents and various professionals need to coordinate in order to support each professionals’ work.
  4. Empower parents to lead the coordinated medical and educational services for their child’s progress.
05/22/2019 Cytomegalovirus and Hearing Loss | Sara Doutre
  1. Inform acquaintances about the risks of CMV to unborn babies and actions that can be taken to prevent CMV.
  2. Explain and recognize the characteristics of hearing loss due to CMV.
  3. Create plans for raising awareness of CMV and encouraging CMV testing for children with hearing loss.
04/24/2019 Auditory Skills and Language Development—a parent's role | Jeanette Smoot
  1. Learn about the auditory system and ways to keep the pathway open
  2. Establish a good listening environment at home and build targets into daily activities
  3. Understand the importance of sound input and the auditory skills hierarchies
3/27/2019 How to make reading time a meaningful moment with your child? | Kaytie Cook
  1. Review the importance of literacy for children whom are deaf and hard of hearing
  2. Use Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) strategies during Story Time.
  3. Adapt the LSL strategies based on different age groups.
  4. Learn how to select a good book
2/13/2019 Putting Parents in the Driver’s Seat: Empowering Parents with Tools to Facilitate Their Infant/Toddler’s Spoken Language Development | Nicole Martin
  1. Guide and coach parents to become the primary facilitators of their child’s listening and spoken language development through active consistent participation in individualized auditory-verbal therapy. (Principle 4)
  2. Guide and coach parents to create environments that support listening for the acquisition of spoken language throughout the child’s daily activities. (Principle 5)
  3. Guide and coach parents to help their child integrate listening and spoken language into all aspects of the child’s life. (Principle 6)
  4. Administer ongoing…informal diagnostic assessments to develop individualized auditory-verbal treatment plans, to monitor progress, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans for the child and family. (Principle 9)
1/23/2019 Strategies for developing listening and spoken language | Claire Annis
  • Provide you with explanations and examples of multiple LSL strategies for you to implement in natural settings around you and your child.
  • Gain confidence in using LSL strategies.
  • Become more aware of strategies you are already using.
12/12/2018 IEP and IFSP - A parental perspective | Amie Stelmack
  • Recognize and identify a variety of common acronyms used in IEP and IFSP meetings.
  • State five things that are beneficial to complete prior to an IEP meeting and why they are beneficial.
  • State five things which are beneficial to complete prior to an IFSP meeting and why they are beneficial.
  • State what a vision statement is in an IEP and be comfortable writing one for your child.
  • Understand the critical role of parents and state three tips for self-advocating.
  • State three outside resources where you can turn to for help with your child's IEP or IFSP.
11/06/2018 Behavioral Management | Clarissa Ong
  1. Describe the ABCs of behavior.
  2. Apply behavioral principles to understand child behavior.
  3. Use specific behavioral strategies to change child behavior.
10/24/2018 Coping with grief and emotions related to the diagnosis of hearing loss | Lauren Smith
9/26/2018 How to introduce your child with hearing loss to school? | Ana Caballero
6/20/2018 Cultural Considerations Working with CLD Families | Renee Lucero
5/23/2018 Summer Fun Ideas for Building Listening and Spoken Language Skills | Whitney Wright, MS
  1. Understand the importance of maximizing listening opportunities during the summer.
  2. Discuss concerns regarding your child’s hearing technology during typical summer activities.
  3. Explore troubleshooting strategies for the technology that can occur during the summer and/or family vacations.
  4. Explore different LSL strategies that can be incorporated into summer activities.
4/25/2018 Understanding the IFSP and the IEP process | Renee Lucero
3/14/2018 Understanding your child's hearing loss and the importance of the Ling 6 sounds Test | Ana Caballero and Renee Lucero
  • Describe basic terminology related on interpreting the audiogram
  • Explain the importance of the Ling 6 Sound Test
  • Perform a listening check
  • Explore different troubleshooting strategies
  • Understand important speech acoustic information for each of the 6 phonemes
1/31/2018 FM Systems and Wireless Technologies | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
  • Learn what is and how an FM system works
  • Understand the importance of children using FM systems in different settings
  • Learn how wireless technology works
  • Discuss some of the most common wireless technology devices models to be used among children
12/13/2017 Hearing Loss: Types, causes and degrees [Video] | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
  • Understand the parts of the ear and how hearing normally works.
  • Learn the definition of hearing loss and list the more common causes associated to hearing impairment.
  • Discuss the different types of hearing loss.
  • Understand the degree of hearing loss and how to interpret the audiogram.
11/15/2017 Conditioned Play Audiometry [Video] | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
  • Understand the different types of hearing tests.
  • Recognize the importance of monitoring hearing.
  • Discuss what parents should expect from hearing assessment.
  • Understand the important role that parents play during hearing testing as test assistants.
  • Learn different activities that can help to get the child prepare for the hearing test.
10/25/2017 Visual Reinforcement Audiometry [Video] | Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
09/27/2017 Bilingualism: Can my child with hearing loss learn two languages? [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd and Ana Caballero, MD, AuD
08/29/2017 Accommodations in the School [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
07/25/2017 Mainstreaming Success [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
06/27/17 The Importance of Early Intervention and the Family Role [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
05/24/17 Listen up for Literacy [Video] | Renee Lucero, PhD, LSLS Cert. AVEd
04/26/17 Language Strategies to Use at Home [Video] | Mi'kel Price
03/22/17 Supporting Auditory and Language Development [Video] | Ana Caballero