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About Us: Students

First-Year LSL Students: 2020-2022

Brooke Griffith
Brooke Griffith - Speech-Language Pathology
Hi my name is Brooke Griffith and I am from Rigby, Idaho. However, I have been living in Logan for the past two years finishing up my undergraduate degree in communication disorders from Utah State University. I love hiking, traveling, basketball, and anything that gets me outside with friends. In my spare time I also really like to garden and have an extensive indoor plant collection of over twenty different plants. I get so much joy and excitement from watching things grow and progress and can't wait to see that happen to all of us during this journey.
Bri Job
Bri Job – Deaf Education
My name is Bri Job, and I am from West Jordan, Utah. I got my first Bachelor’s degree from BYU (‘16- Go Cougars!) in the Humanities and my second from USU (‘19) in Communication Disorders through their online program. For the last year, I have been working at a charter school in Draper, Utah, as a Kindergarten SpEd Parapro, and I loved it! I love working with the little ones. Their energy and enthusiasm is so contagious (poor word choice right now) and I learned so much from them this past year! I’m excited to continue in this line of work at USU. I also love to sing (choral music and musical theater are a passion of mine), read, crochet, and watch way too much TV and movies. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of this program, and I can’t wait to get started!
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson – Deaf Education
Hi all! I am Heather Luv Johnson. I am so excited to be starting this fabulous adventure with each of you! I am a mother, daughter, sister, advocate, educator, reader, swimmer, hiker and according to my family "an all around nice person". My joys and passions in life revolve around my family, my faith, and my work with young children. I am passionate about early intervention. I grew up near Denver, Colorado, most of my children were born in Oregon and now we live in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Hayley Killpack
Hayley Killpack – Deaf Education
My name is Hayley Killpack, I am 26 years old and I am from Rigby, Idaho. I graduated with a bachelors in COMD from USU. I just moved back to Logan and am super excited to start school again. I took a year off to travel and work. I am a huge reader! I love all things Harry Potter and Marvel. I also do a lot of crafting, sewing, and doing outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and four wheeler riding.
Haley Manwaring
Haley Manwaring – Speech-Language Pathology
My name is Haley Manwaring. I am from Mesa, Arizona and somehow ended up moving from the hottest of the hot to the coldest of the cold to get my undergraduate degree here at Utah State. I'm still trying to get used to the snow! I took a couple years off during my undergrad to live in Hungary for a year and half, and I speak Hungarian. I just graduated in April and I am so excited to be starting the LSL program. If I have free time, I love to cook, do puzzles, embroider by hand, or play pickleball with my husband.
Julie Miller
Julie Miller – Deaf Education
My name is Julie Miller and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am originally from West Virginia, later moved to Maryland and I have been living in Philly for about 12 years now. I enjoy being outdoors whenever I can; going to local parks, walking my dog, gardening (I have an obsession with succulents) or just hanging out with friends in my backyard. I also enjoy reading historical fiction and practicing yoga.
Natalie Nichols
Natalie Nichols – Audiology
Hello everyone! My name is Natalie Nichols, and I’m in the Audiology program at Utah State University. I grew up in Oregon and moved to Logan for my undergrad in 2017. I enjoy running with my husband, traveling and spending time exploring our beautiful oceans when I can find time to. My dessert of choice is hands down a good milkshake! I’m just beginning my second year in the audiology program and starting to work with the pediatric population. I’m excited to learn more about working with infants and children!
Jamie Pearce
Jamie Pearce – Deaf Education
Hello! I'm Jamie Pearce and currently live in Brigham City. I have taught special education preschool as a certified teacher and have also run my own program, culminating in 14 years of teaching preschool. I strongly believe in early intervention services and can't wait to learn more through this program. I have four great kids, a terrific husband, and an affectionate dog. I love backpacking, live theater, Charles Dickens, and traveling.
Cassie Riding
Cassie Riding – Deaf Education
Greetings to all my new friends. My name is Cassie Riding and I am so excited to be joining the USU Deaf Education cohort! I grew up in Logan, Utah and would often walk to the bench at the end of my street where I could sit and look across the valley to the A on the hill all lit up in the night sky! So fun to finally become an Aggie! I studied Sign Language Interpreting and Communications for my undergraduate at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I have worked as an interpreter and took up teaching preschool while raising my four little ones. I am married to my best friend Dan. He is definitely my better half and this month we celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. We have shared many adventures together, our most recent was opening his own Pharmacy 2 years ago. We currently live in St. George, Utah with our four wonderful children. Lydia (14), Emmett (11), Amelia (9) and Elise (6). As a family our favorite things to do together include kayaking, hiking, camping and rappelling in the summer. Skiing, crafting, popcorn and movies in the winter and playing card and board games anytime of the year. When I find a rare and joyful moment to myself I prefer to spend it trail running, plucking at the guitar or working on my pickleball game. I am an avid lover of good music, popcorn and avocados. Curling up with a good book and a smoothie is a rare but cherished delight! If I could have any superpower it would be the ability to teleport! I am looking forward to learning more about each of you and meeting many of you in person this August!
Tanner Robinson
Tanner Robinson – Audiology
My name is Tanner Robinson and I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. Growing up I played the piano, organ, and then was on the bowling team in high school. I went to Idaho State University for my bachelor’s degree and spent some time in Taiwan on a mission. Currently I’m one of the audiology students here in my second year. In my free time I love playing volleyball, hammocking, poker, and way too many hours of Animal Crossing because of quarantine. One of my hobbies is houseplants and I’ve recently got into propagating them (although my family and roommates would probably say I don’t need any more plants).
Anna Salisbury
Anna Salisbury – Audiology
My name is Anna Salisbury and I’m in the Audiology program. I love every minute of it! I’m originally from Fort Collins, Colorado and I currently live in Pleasant View, UT with my husband. I commute to Logan for school (when there’s not a pandemic 😅) When I have free time I like to spend it with my family, doing anything outside, cooking, or thrift shopping. I guess I also have to say I like video games now because of my recent discovery of Animal Crossing, haha! After I graduate I hope to work in a pediatric clinic, or a hospital with newborn hearing. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and working together in the LSL program!
Melinda Thacker
Melinda Thacker – Speech-Language Pathology
My name is Melinda Thacker, and I am from Kaysville, Utah. I graduated this April from BYU, and I’m hanging out in Provo for the summer, but looking forward to getting to know Logan soon! I love everything about the field of speech-language pathology, especially that what we do helps to relieve loneliness in people and improves their relationships. I love to try new hikes, rollerblade, attend musicals, read a good novel, and eat cobbler for dessert. Looking forward to this program and getting to know all the people in it!
Ally June Voss
Ally June Voss – Speech-Language Pathology
My name is Ally June Voss, and I'm from Frederick, Maryland, but have been living in Utah since I went to BYU. I love to play my cello, bake, do yoga, practice Spanish, and travel absolutely everywhere. I'm 100% a city girl, and I love cities (especially New York City, where I served my mission), and I long to live in a big city again one day. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite dessert is creme brulee. My preferred composers are Dvorak, Rachmaninoff, Brahams, and Bach. I gained an interest in Speech-Language Pathology from my Deaf friends growing up, several of whom transitioned to public schools and had speech therapists, and through mentions of the field that I heard of in middle school and latched onto. I'm extremely excited to begin and meet you all!
GlenAllie Werley
GlenAllie Werley – Deaf Education
Hello everyone! My name is GlenAllie Werley, but I prefer to go by Glen! I’m located in Sacramento, CA and am working at the CCHAT (Children’s Choice for Hearing And Talking) Center in Rancho Cordova. I have an Associate’s Degree in Human Development as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Sacramento State. When I’m not hanging out with kiddos at the CCHAT center, I’m usually found working at a fun sports-centered restaurant in Downtown Sacramento or taking a spin class at my favorite local studio – TEAMride! I’m excited for this new chapter we are all about to embark in and can’t wait to hear more about all of my peers!
Amy Zilkie
Amy Zilkie – Deaf Education
My name is Amy and I live in Sacramento, California. I currently work at CCHAT, a listening and spoken language school for the deaf. I have worked at CCHAT for 5 years as a teaching assistant and substitute teacher. Besides working at CCHAT I also practice and teach yoga part time. Fun fact about me is that I although I have lived in California for the past 19 years, I was actually born in Canada and am a Canadian citizen.

Second-Year LSL Students: 2019-2021

Kelsey Baughman
Kelsey Baughman – Audiology
My name is Kelsey Baughman and I am from Sacramento, CA. Before applying to grad school I worked at a LSL elementary school called the CCHAT Center and absolutely loved it! This being said, I felt like I was not done pursuing my education as I always told myself I would become an audiologist, so here I am! It took a while to transition from city life to Logan life, but I would not change it for anything because there is so much to see in Utah! I am not so much a winter lover, but in the warm months I have been camping, making trips to southern UT, hiking, and disc golfing (my boyfriend is really into it...). If you were to ask me what my favorite thing about audiology is I would have a really hard time answering that, but I think a lot of it comes down to working with families and creating trusting relationships with those that I serve.
Kestly Bennett
Kestly Bennett – Deaf Education
Hi, my name is Kestly Bennett. I am from Hooper, Utah. I graduated in 2019 with my bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders and Deaf Education from Utah State, and I am now starting my second year in the LSL Deaf Education program. Something that I like to do for fun is play tennis and spend time with family and friends.
Jennifer Dietrick
Jennifer Dietrick – Speech-Language Pathology
My name is Jennifer Dietrick and I grew up in Riverton, Utah. I received my undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders at Brigham Young University. I am a Speech Language Pathology student and this is my 2nd year in the LSL program. During my free time I enjoy dancing, playing the piano, boating, camping, four-wheeling, reading, and spending time with my friends and family. I am currently learning how to play the Ukulele.
Courtney Kasin Mann
Courtney Kasin Mann – Audiology
My name is Courtney Kasin Mann. I am a 3rd year AuD student here at USU. I'm from Redlands, CA and graduated with my BA in Communicative Disorders and Religious Studies from University of Redlands in 2018. Last July I got married to my 'almost' high school sweetheart, Soren. We ran cross country together when he was a senior and I was a freshman. We got reacquainted when I was starting college in our hometown, and now, here we are! I come from a D/HH family, which is what kindled my interest in audiology. Both of my dad's parents speak and sign, all three of his sisters have hearing loss, and they each have a few children that have hearing loss. Before moving to Logan I performed in The Great Y Circus for many years. My favorite acts to perform in were acrobatics and cube trapeze. Although many friends tried teaching me to juggle, I never could pick it up. Now that I don't have the circus nearby, my husband and I hike or run to get some fresh air!
Maddie Parker
Maddie Parker – Speech-Language Pathology
Hi everyone! My name is Maddie Parker and I’m a second year in the Speech Language Pathology program. I’m from St. George and I absolutely love it down there. I’ll definitely take the heat over snow any day. I love to do anything outside including rock climbing, camping, hiking, you name it. I’ve loved working with the LSL program and am so excited to be able to meet all of you, hopefully in the fall.
Hannah Rueckert
Hannah Rueckert – Speech-Language Pathology
My name is Hannah! I am a wife to an adoring husband, mother to the cutest 5-month-old around (quarantine guarantees that;), and my stars, I can't believe I'm a 2nd year in Speech Pathology now! Wow. It's been an adventure finishing this last semester of school at home. Along the way I've discovered that one of my favorite pastimes is going on long walks to study for exams and prep for clients with this little dude (Theodore) snugly attached. My husband and I also recently bought hammocks and don't know how we've survived so long without them (if you don't have a hammock yet, I highly suggest you invest in one now - it will be your best pal through Grad school , I pinky promise).
Jeanna Sheriff
Jeanna Sheriff – Deaf Education
Hello, my name is Jeanna and I am a second-year grad student in the LSL program at Utah State. Here Is a little bit about me. I have two children ages, 12 and 23 years old. I have been a student with USU for the last three years. My original course of study in communications disorders was preparing me for a career as a speech language pathologist. However, as my luck would have it my path was sidetracked, and I found myself being introduced to the LSL program, this would change my career path and lead me to where I am today as a Deaf educator. While trying to locate a practicum placement through the district where I am employed, I was offered a long-term substitute position that I will be filling permanently as a Deaf educator once I have completed the program. During this experience I have been able to get hands on experience working with students that have various types of hearing loss and this experience has provided me with valuable insight on how to work with students on listening and spoken language skills. Although, my path has had a few twists and turns since I enrolled in the program, it has led me to exactly where I am supposed to be. I am glad to be a part of this cohort and program that has offers so much support for not only their students but also the students that I work with.
Myranda Welborn
Myranda Welborn – Deaf Education
I am from North Carolina and have lived in Utah for about 5 years now. I graduated from a small school in NC with a degree in ComD and previously worked as an SLT. After serving a few students with hearing loss in my last district, I discovered this program and haven't looked back since! In my free time I enjoy all of the outdoor recreation that Utah has to offer such as hiking, skiing, rock climbing, canyoneering, and biking. I also have an extensive houseplant collection that I'm extremely proud of!
Roxanne West
Roxanne West – Deaf Education
I’m Roxanne West, a 2nd year Deaf Ed Grad with a bachelors in speech pathology. I work in an OPTION school in Indiana as a Preschool Teacher. I have 2 cats, 3 dogs and 3 kids. I like to keep busy! In the summers I enjoy biking, boating, swimming, tubing and camping. With COVID-19 regulations, camping is sort of limited, but have been able to book a couple trips to the lake!
Teena Young
Teena Young – Deaf Education
Hello! My name is Teena Young. I am a 2nd year graduate student studying Deaf Education in USU's LSL program. My husband and I have been married almost 20 years, and we have 4 wonderful children. Our oldest son just graduated from high school! Go class of 2020! We have two boys (ages 18 and 15) and two girls (ages 13 and 10). We do a lot of soccer and go on a lot of adventures together. They keep life full of excitement and fun! My husband and children have been very supportive of me as I've begun this journey in furthering my education and doing something that makes me happy! I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Audiology years ago. I have always loved that field and find it so interesting. I enjoy learning about the many advances in the field and potential to help people with hearing loss. I taught preschool for several years and love the excitement children have for learning! The LSL program is amazing, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it! It combines my interest in Audiology, and my love of teaching children. It is so fun to incorporate LSL strategies into engaging and fun lesson plans and see the children catch on so quickly as they learn to use listening and spoken language at school and at home. Some other things I love to do are: trying new recipes (thank you, Pinterest); crafting with my daughters; playing softball, basketball, and soccer with my kids; helping my parents who live on a small farm; and date nights with my husband. I'm excited to meet all the new members of the program, to continue to be mentored by the amazing faculty, and develop trust and love with the children and families we get to serve in the coming year!