FM Systems

Preschool Teachers’ Perception and use of Hearing Assistive Technology in Educational Settings (2016)

  • This article talks often FM systems are used with preschool children, and what teachers think about using them in a preschool classroom.
  • This study found...that some preschool children used FM systems, and most teachers would recommend that FM systems be used in the classroom.
  • This is important because...teachers see benefits from FM use for preschool children.
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Frequency Modulation for Preschoolers with Hearing loss (2014)

  • This article talks about...FM systems and how they help preschool children with hearing aids.
  • This study found...that FM systems help young children listen in places such as outside, in cars, and during shopping.
  • This is important because...audiologists need to help parents understand how an FM system works and how they can access the technology for their child.
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